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          1. Amd/nv Q4 Graphics Card Sales Declined Last Year: Inventory Problems Will Ease In The Second Half Of The Year

            Form:快科技 2019/3/4Browse:4739

            Jon Peddie Research, a well-known statistician, released the latest video card market report and predicted that the glut would continue until this summer. In the fourth quarter of 2018, total GPU shipments fell by 2.65%

          2. Mlcc Price Drops! The Year-round Performance Decline Of Guoju Is Unavoidable

            Form:爱集微 2019/2/28Browse:4276

            On the 26th, Guoju reported low productivity utilization. Foreign Morgan Stanley and J.P. Morgan Chase reported unanimous analysis. The revision of the passive component boom will not come to an end until the second quar

          3. The Number Of Employees Will Surge By More Than 30%. Qualcomm Employs 200 People In Three Major Taiwanese Centres

            Form:爱集微 2019/2/28Browse:5257

            About September last year, Qualcomm set up COMET, Multimedia Research and Development Center and Mobile AI Innovation Center in Taiwan, and these three centers will be officially launched in early 2019. . It is understoo

          4. Ending Moore's Law, Google Capital-injected Photonic Chip Start-up Lightmatter

            Form:猎云网 2019/2/28Browse:2801

            Editor's note:Some people are skeptical about the investment of chip start-ups because it is a capital-intensive industry. Boston's Lightmatter is developing a chip with optical components that can avoid the limitations

          5. Ericsson's Acquisition Of Kathleen Antenna And Filter Division Promotes The Development Of Its 5g Product Portfolio

            Form:爱集微 2019/2/26Browse:3704

            On February 25, Reuters reported that Ericsson, a Swedish manufacturer of mobile network equipment, said today that it was acquiring the antenna and filter division of Kaislin Group in Germany to promote the development

          6. Editorial Review: The Enlightenment Of Hua5g Mobile Phone

            Form:环球网 2019/2/26Browse:5904

            Chinese telecommunications and mobile phone manufacturers have appeared at the World Mobile Communications Conference in Barcelona. Among them, Huawei's foldable 5G mobile phone has caused a sensation. Its appearance and

          7. Ren Zhengfei: Meng Wanzhou Can't Be A Successor Without Technical Background.

            Form:新浪科技 2019/2/26Browse:2701

            On February 18, 2019, Ren Zhengfei was interviewed by the BBC. In the interview, Ren Zhengfei said that Meng Yanzhou could not be a successor forever because she had no technical background. Ren Zhengfei said that he cou

          8. 5g Lido Ignition Co-development Section Shares Hit A New High In Band

            Form:爱集微 2019/2/22Browse:3554

            Joint Development Section declared that the 5G era is absolutely not absent, but also the leading position. Chief Executive Cai Lixing also counted a series of changes in the past two years. From product research and dev

          9. Turning Point! Dispute Between Jinhua And Meiguang Or Settled In Sino-us Trade Agreement

            Form:爱集微 2019/2/22Browse:4716

            On February 22, according to an unnamed source quoted by the Financial Times, negotiators from the United States and China are trying to resolve a long-standing dispute between semiconductor rival Meiguang and Fujian Jin

          10. Foxconn's Employment Gap Is Over 5000! Guizhou Factories Offer The Highest Monthly Salary Of 8k

            Form:爱集微 2019/2/22Browse:2688

            Just after the Spring Festival, Foxconn's factories around the world opened a new round of recruitment. Earlier, according to Taiwan media reports, Foxconn's large-scale recruitment was Huawei mobile phone orders. It is

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