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      1. Qualcomm Urged U.s. Regulators To Impose Import Bans On Some Iphone Models

        Form:爱集微 2019/2/20Browse:4656

        Qualcomm is urging U.S. trade regulators to rescind a judge's ruling and impose import bans on some of Apple's iPhone models, Reuters reported. The two companies have long been involved in patent disputes. Qualcomm seeks

      2. Huami Pilot, Greenwaves Financed A 7 Million Euro A Round Of Financing

        Form:爱集微 2019/2/20Browse:4659

        According to foreign media reports, semiconductor startup GreenWaves Technologies (GreenWaves) announced today (20) that it has completed a 7 million Euro A round of financing, led by Huami Technologies, followed by Soit

      3. Dafang Has Acquired 60% Stake In Shitong Metal Co-operation Electric Bicycle And Electronic Control Components Business

        Form:爱集微 2019/2/20Browse:2454

        Dafang, an electronic component factory owned by Mingji Youda Group, announced on the 20th that it would cooperate with Tongtong Metal Co., Ltd. in strategy and acquire a 60% stake in Shitong Metal for NT$720 million. Da

      4. Chengmei Material Explosion Conflict Company Informs General Manager To Invade The Company

        Form:经济日报 2019/2/18Browse:4503

        PolarizerThe controversy over the chair broke out in Chengcheng Mei Material, which had gradually ended with the return of He Zhaoyang. Unexpectedly, on the 14th day, the two sides broke out a conflict within the company

      5. Taiji Waste Wafer Impacts Global Electronic Chain

        Form:经济日报 2019/2/18Browse:4993

        TSMCThe annual net profit per share of Nanke 14B plant (Fab 14B) is less than 0.08 yuan due to the prospects for the downward revision of this quarter.Industry estimates, TSMC this timewaferThe scrap volume is as high as

      6. Amd: Gpu Inventory Levels Returned To Normal In The Second Quarter

        Form:彭博社 2019/2/14Browse:3642

        At the Goldman Sachs Technology Summit, Lisa Su, chief executive of AMD, said GPU inventory levels would rise in the first quarter and return to normal in the second quarter, Bloomberg reported. In addition, Lisa Su says

      7. Customer Jia Lianyi's Output Situation Mude: This Year, We Rely On Other Softboard Customers To Make Up For It.

        Form:爱集微 2019/2/14Browse:2719

        Jia Lianyi, a Taiwanese softboard factory, has recently reported layoffs and sales. Printed circuit board optical testing equipment manufacturer Mude said on the 13th that Jia Lianyi contributed a lot to the company's re

      8. Witricity's Acquisition Of Halo Technologies Qualcomm Opens Up A New Way To Lay Out The Car Wireless Charging Market

        Form:新电子 2019/2/14Browse:4741

        To accelerate the wireless charging application of electric vehicles, WiTricity, a wireless charging technology company, announced the acquisition of Qualcomm's wireless charging technology for electric vehicles.HaloWith

      9. Tsmc Grabbed Euv Lithography Machine And Accelerated The Start-up Of 7nm Euv Production

        Form:快科技 2019/2/13Browse:2713

        According to Fast Technologies, ASML will increase the annual shipment of EUV lithography machines from 18 to 30 this year. According to the latest news from the industry chain, TSMC will include 18 of ASML's EUV lithogr

      10. The Core Market Has Suffered Setbacks, And Yingweida Is Being Clouded By Haze.

        Form:爱集微 2019/2/13Browse:4582

        Invida has recently suffered a number of blows, with its share price plunging more than 40% in the past six months. Bernstein, a foreign investor, announced the downgrade of Nvidia because demand for Nvidia graphics card

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