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      5Gclear Market Structure!Nokia、Ericsson May Not Recover Upfront Investment In China热竞技

      Form: Economic Daily 2019/12/18 Browse:141 Keywords: 5G Market structure Ericsson

        According to Taiwan Media Economic Daily,Due to Sino-U.S. Trade disputes and Huawei's purchase ban,Huawei、Nokia、Ericsson's main market is more distinct。


        And though13Japan, China and the United States announce the first phase agreement,But Huawei's inclusion in the physical list has not been resolved。

        Looking ahead,Mainland China may increase against Huawei5GProduct Procurement,Then Nokia and Ericsson's business is bound to be affected,Two major European telecommunications providers are expected to5GI am afraid that the initial investment will not be recovered。

        DIGITIMES ResearchExpress,Huawei relies on mainland China and Europe、Middle East and Africa operations,Nokia and Ericsson are involved in the United States and South Korea5GNetwork deployment,This year the three companies3Quarterly revenue has maintained single-digit annual growth rates。

        But compared to revenue in the US and Asia Pacific,,Nokia and Ericsson do not see significant revenue growth in mainland China,Nokia, a joint venture established in mainland China,2to make。

        Although Ericsson3Quarterly financial report says future revenue is expected to benefit from2020Mainland China5Gdevelopment of,But it has not been revealed whether it has signed formal contracts with the three major telecommunications operators in mainland China。

        In contrast Huawei,Most countries in the Middle East still support purchasing Huawei products。

        DIGITIMES ResearchAnalyst Huang Yazhi thinks,Faced with a double blow from the U.S. embargo and purchase ban,Huawei may actively defend the only remaining overseasEMEATelecommunications equipment market,Making Nokia and Ericsson face greater challenges in this regional market。


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