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      1. Sharp Denies Building Semiconductor Factory Industry Experts: Hon Haichong Semiconductor Is Still Necessary

        Form:爱集微 2018/12/26Browse:2855

        Hon Hai's Sharp issued a press release on the 25th, denying construction in Zhuhai, mainland China.Semiconductor Manufacturing BaseNews rumors. However, Yang Shengfan, former director of Tuoqi Industry Research Institute

      2. Ibm Will Use Samsung's 7-nanometer Process To Make Power And Z Cpu

        Form:solidot 2018/12/26Browse:2866

        IBM signed an agreement with Samsung Wafer Factory to use Samsung's 7-nanometer EUVL process to manufacture its next-generation processors, which will be used for IBM Power Systems, IBM Z and Linux ONE Systems. IBM's for

      3. Sun Moonlight Controls Happily Achieves Qualcomm 5g Orders

        Form:电信时报 2018/12/24Browse:3640

        Although Sun-Moon Semiconductor and Silicon Precision under Sun-Moon Control are still two sealed and tested factories which operate independently, under the circumstances that cooperation is greater than competition, th

      4. Storage Declines, Or Samsung's Fourth-quarter Revenue Declines

        Form:爱集微 2018/12/24Browse:2796

        According to South Korean media reports, analysts said Monday that Samsung Electronics's fourth quarter performance is expected to decline from the same period last year due to the slowdown in chip business growth. Local

      5. Emerging Applications Such As 5g Continue To Emerge, Driving Up The Popularity Of Heat Dissipation Module Industry

        Form:爱集微 2018/12/24Browse:1704

        With the development of 5G and cloud industry, new applications such as mobile phones, servers, electronic competitions, VR, UAV, automotive and so on are coming out, which makes the heat dissipation demand industry look

      6. Intel Has Quietly Commercialized Mram? Samsung Followed Closely

        Form:钜亨网 2018/12/21Browse:3787

        At the 64th International Conference on Electronic Devices, Intel and Samsung, two leading semiconductor companies in the world, demonstrated the new technology of embedded MRAM in logic chip manufacturing process. Magne

      7. South Korea's 10-year Investment Of About 730 Billion Yuan Pushes Forward The Large-scale Ic Manufacturing Cluster Plan

        Form:TechNews科技新报 2018/12/21Browse:2857

        Recently, according to the Korean media Business Korea, the Korean government is launching a large-scale semiconductor manufacturing cluster plan, which will be implemented by four large semiconductor manufacturers and a

      8. Memory And Flash Price Reduction Too Hard For Meguiar To Cut Expenditure By $1.25 Billion To Reduce Supply

        Form:Expreview超能网 2018/12/21Browse:3624

        Meguiar yesterday released Q1 quarterly results for fiscal year 2009, with revenue of $7.91 billion, a 16% increase over the previous year, gross interest rate of 58%, net profit of $3.29 billion, a 23% increase over the

      9. Nvidia And Ibm Jointly Develop A New Ai Integrated Infrastructure

        Form:ctimes 2018/12/18Browse:1821

        NVIDIA announces today that it will work with IBM to develop a new integrated infrastructure to assist enterprises in rapid deployment and easy management of AI infrastructure through IBM SpectrumAI and NVIDIA DGX.NVIDIA

      10. The Merger Of T-mobile And Sprint Is Expected To Pass. Is It Necessary To Ban Huawei?

        Form:新华社 2018/12/18Browse:4889

        On December 17, Reuters reported that the FDI Committee is expected to pass the merger of T-Mobile, the third largest telecom company in the United States, with Sprint, the fourth largest telecom company, this week, main

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